Understand We Are Infinite

In-House Project

(In Development)

Everything in the universe follows a cycle of expansion and contraction, of creation and destruction. We feel the expansion and contraction of our lungs and abdomen as we breathe, we see it as the moon moves the tide, and when we witness a supernova that collapses into a black hole. Through deeply saturated colors and subconscious, breath-like movement, "Understand We Are Infinite" connects us to this universal rhythm and to the infinite nature of space. Kersh's artistic practice revolves around the exploration of light, color, sound, and their inherent ability to evoke emotive responses within viewers. Through immersive installations and multimedia works, Kersh seeks to transport audiences beyond the confines of physical space, inviting them to embark on journeys of introspection and discovery. Through this immersive journey, viewers are encouraged to explore the fluidity of space and the transient nature of perception, ultimately discovering new facets of their own inner landscapes.

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