Superblue, Studio Drift, The Shed

New York, NY

In collaboration with Amsterdam-based artist duo Studio Drift, this immersive dance spectacle unfolds at the intersection of human emotion, nature, and the intricate artistry of Studio Drift's woven cuboid. Performances within EGO navigate a theme of networks between our bodies and nature, echoing the dynamic transformations of the woven cuboid. The dancers translate the multi-sensory work into the realm of the human body, vacillating from inflexible and imposing forms, to a vulnerable and yielding presence, representing the complicated intertwining of our emotional states as human beings. EGO explores the universal desire to seek out connection and the power to be found in relinquishing control when embracing change. Superblue, founded by Pace Gallery, orchestrated the production of the project inside The Shed, a cultural center nestled in the heart of Hudson Yards, Manhattan.

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